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HomeLaunch Etiquette

                                    Let's exercise good launch etiquette! 

Let’s pitch in to expedite the launch process, especially at peak times, or when others are waiting:

1. Make sure all possible launch preparations are done prior to occupying mule & crane: Lifting straps/cables/lines, dock lines attached & ready. Do this in the compound first.
2. Systemize your launch process so you know what to do when efficiently and safely. Avoid unnecessary activities while others are waiting. (e.g. store gear, wash hull away from the cranes) Move your vessel away from the crane immediately after launch. Put your trailer away immediately, ideally by a helper in parallel with the launch. 
3.  On recovery, the same principles apply. Do not move your vessel into position under the crane until it is fully prepared for lifting. Allow others who are ready to go ahead of you if you are not.
4.  Be prepared to give and receive help to accelerate the launch process. Pitch in and help others. 
5.  Be prepared to share the mule so both cranes can be used simultaneously. Position your boat so it doesn’t block use of the other crane. Even if this adds incremental time to your launch, getting two boats done in parallel really helps overall timing. 

Thank you for exercising good launch etiquette, your fellow club members will appreciate it!